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Houston Hospital Live Tweets Open Heart Surgery

Houston Hospital Live Tweets Open Heart Surgery

Oh my TV drama loving heart be still, this actually happened!  The first thing that popped into my head upon reading that Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital in Houston live-tweeted an open-heart surgery were OMG WHAT WOULD DR. BAILEY SAY (and OMG please hire me!!!).

Please tell me y’all remember this episode:

This is awesome on so many levels.  Just like Bailey argued in the episode, it’s a learning experience for those following along.  Maybe it even makes surgery a little less scary for those who have to undergo it.

Also, it’s just freakin’ cool!

You can click this link to see the photos and videos posted (warning: they are graphic).

I think livetweeting big events like this is a huge opportunity often missed by smaller organizations because all hands are already on deck to put things together for an event.  But look at the audience you can capture, even beyond your followers.

Kudos Memorial Hermann Hospital.


Laura Elizabeth Morales is a young professional in San Antonio by way of the Rio Grande Valley.

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