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Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

grandparents2My Grandparents are AWESOME, for so many reasons.  My Grandpa taught me how to bargain shop, collect things and always made me laugh.  Also, since I was his only Granddaughter it meant I got spoiled a little more than my cousins, sorry guys!  My Grandma taught me how to cook, how to make cascarones and probably tried to teach me how to mop but that skill didn’t really stick much, not sure why…

Unfortunately, they couldn’t be with me on my wedding day.  But just because they passed away didn’t mean I couldn’t recognize them in some way or feel them with me that day right?

There are many loved ones Chris and I have lost over the years who we would’ve loved to be with us on our big day, so we did a few things that night to recognize them.

First off, on our program, I debated back and forth in my head whether or not to list my paternal grandparents in an “in memoriam” section, somehow that felt disconnected to me.  So Chris said: “just list them the way you want. It’s our wedding.”  Truer words never spoken to a bridezilla.

Another way I honored my Grandma and Grandpa was to have some special mementos with me that represented them, so I put them on my bouquet, so they’d be right there with me the whole time.

For my Grandma, a single orange flower in my all red bouquet.

She wasn’t a huge fan of orange, my Aunt told me, but my Grandpa would always buy her orange things: outfits, flowers, jewelry.  As her Grandkids, we grew up thinking she loved orange so we kept buying her orange gifts too.  Nonetheless, it became a color we associated with her: so one glowing orange flower was in my bouquet for her.

Here’s what it looked like:

wedding bouquet

Coming up with a way to honor my Grandpa proved to be a more difficult task.  I have a few of his ties and we thought about cutting one into a ribbon or a heart to add to my bouquet or inside my dress, but I didn’t want to part with the tie.

My Mom and Aunts suggested using one of his pins from his military jacket on a ribbon and tied to the handle of my bouquet.  I loved it.  My Grandpa is a veteran of the Korean War.

honor grandpa bouquet wedding


It felt good to have them with me, even though they weren’t physically with me.  My wedding was full of dancing and life just like my quinceañera was, so I like to think they looked just like this in heaven:


Finally, we honored all those who couldn’t be there with us: Grandparents, friends and family, with a moment of silence at the start of our ceremony.

Just because someone is not physically with you doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to have them “with you” on your wedding day.

Bridal Portraits By: Eric Sierra
Bridal Bouquet: Blooms by HEB at Alon Market and my Mom!
Makeup: MAC at Nordstrom La Cantera
Wedding Dress: Martina Liana at Sposa Mia Couture in McAllen
Belt & Veil: My Mom!
Quinceañera Dress: My Design & My Mom’s seamstress skills


Laura Elizabeth Morales is a young professional in San Antonio by way of the Rio Grande Valley. She writes about life in San Antonio and South Texas. She is a Public Affairs Senior Account Executive at KGBTexas .communications and occasionally posts client news. All opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the company.


  1. Alvina Castro · March 18, 2013 Reply

    I love the orange flower! So sweet to have them along symbolically :)

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    [...] of the wedding, but at that point the show had to go on.  You saw the bouquet I wrote about in my post about honoring my Grandparents.  The bouquet you saw pictured was actually created by my Mom and Blooms by HEB at Alon Market. [...]

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