McAllen Debuts New Mascot

How cute is this? Paco the green jay made his big debut last week at the regularly scheduled McAllen City Commission meeting.  His name stands for "Paper, Aluminum, Cardboard and Other".

More info from the City of McAllen: Paco is the City's new recycling mascot, hatched by the Public Works department. Each letter in his name stands for items that could be recycled such as paper, aluminum, cardboard and other items. Though he can't speak or fly, Paco will accompany Public Works employees at schools, parades and other special events to increase awareness about Going Green.

Paco's brightly colored green and blue costume was designed to resemble a Green Jay, which happens to be the City of McAllen's official bird.

For more information about Paco, contact the City of McAllen's Recycling Department at (956) 681-4050.