Red Carpet Cupcakes at RGV Cupcake Factory


There's something about a cupcake that can instantly brighten your day. I'm glad I chose Friday to splurge a bit on my diet and decided to try out the brand spankin' new RGV Cupcake Factory. I first read about the cupcakery in Festiva but when I saw on Facebook that they had cupcake named after the King of Pop I had to give it a try.

The brightly colored chalkboard marquee listed the different flavors of sweet treats and we gazed in awe as the different celebrity inspired flavors were described.

The Sharon Osbourne - a red velvet with red buttercream icing and sprinkles

The Michael Jackson - chocolate cake with white buttercream icing and chocolate crumbs (we need some glitter!!) The Hugh Hefner - Red velvet with cream cheese icing and red velvet crumbs

The Hollywood names fit the theme perfectly. I'll update this later (and with boyfriend's opinon) on the Sharon Osbourne and the Hugh Hefner, but for now the boss and I decided to celebrate the King of Pop's legacy with the cupcake in his namesake. I was thrilled! No pun intended. Sometimes icing can overpower a cupcake but with this chocolate treat the buttercream icing complimented it perfectly, not too heavy and not too sweet.

We'll be filming a behind the scenes video with the girls soon, but for now why don't you stop in and try their treats?

As an added bonus, there's a build your own cupcake bar filled with marshmallows, candy, sprinkles and your choice of cupcake. This is a really affordable fun way to treat your kids to a creative and tasty snack.

RGV Cupcake Factory is located at 1414 N. 10th Street, in the shopping center across from Shipley's.

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