Fido Goes Facebook


Here's an interesting phenomena.  Just when you thought you couldn't be distracted enough by social networking sites, now 1 in 10 pets in the UK have profiles on Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. Does your pet have a facebook profile? If so, what do you post on it?

If not, what do you think of other people who create pages for pets?

Personally I think it's all in good fun, so long as you follow the by-laws of each of the sites you're posting content on. Besides, doesn't it just make you warm and fuzzy inside when you see a cute picture of a pet?  Some folks may take it overboard with the amount they post about their pets but it's hard to resist sharing how cute they are.

The study also showed that more than half of pet owners in the UK share photos of their pets on the web. Are you guilty of this?

Should my calico cat Chloe have a fan page?