Austin, Y'all Have Some Bad Fashion.


It's a rare occasion when I get to write a fashion post inspired by a political blog I like reading from a conservative friend.  Say what? So let me put it bluntly...Austin, Texas, hipster heaven...y'all don't know how to dress!  As a general principle, hipster dudes, if your pants are tighter than mine, if your v neck is lower than mine, if your jewelry has more bling than mine and if you really think the ~fake glasses~ and grandpa sweaters are tre chic...then we have issues.

Nonetheless, thank you Austin hipsters for the great view while people watching.  GQ Magazine has named you the 18th Worst Dressed City in the Country.

“The place looks like L.A. now,” my old UT roommate grumbled after returning from a recent weekend trip to Austin. While he could have been referring to the newly minted high-rise condos, sushi bars, or deadlock traffic, I’m pretty sure he was talking about that most pernicious of invasive species, the Hipster. Long the domain of slackers, hippies, and blonde coeds—”The weather was too good, the dope was too cheap, and the girls were too pretty,” Steve Earle once said of the Texas capital, “and there was no fucking way I was going to get anything done in a place like that”—Austin has emerged as a mumblecore mecca for coastal hipsters looking to get more bang from their day-job barista buck. Skin-tight black jeans and There Will Be Blood mustaches thrive despite the 100-degree temperatures. As one old-timer put it, “They’re all hat, no cattle.”—Stayton Bonner

This is not to say that all hipster fashion is necessarily bad...look at Kanye West for example. Oh image the crowds of well dressed hipsters in Austin if they just took a page out of Kanye's style guide.  #teamkanye

Maybe Kanye's upcoming ACL performance will inspire the hipsters of today.