RIP Amy Winehouse


27 year old Amy Winehouse has passed away, leaving behind a musical legacy not many can achieve at such a young age.  The once in a generation powerful voice was a five time Grammy Award Winner, including wins for Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Winehouse's personal life was plagued with drug and alcohol problems but her musical successes will hopefully help her be remembered as a talented songstress.

Technorati has a great post on her legacy:

Winehouse grew up with an interest in 1960’s girl music groups. This inspiration is clearly heard in much of her music as she was heavily influenced by a sound that was clearly different from much of what is heard in the musical landscape today. Her beehive was also a giveaway.

She was very different in the fact that she went against the grain and did not allow herself to be packaged in the same respect as many other artists in her age group. Her music was also much broader in its intellect and its reach; her sound could appeal to a much larger age group than most of her musical peers.

Unfortunately, the business labeled her being in the pop category when she was clearly much more.

Winehouse’s music provided a much needed new sound for the current generation and a walk down memory lane for prior generations. The current generation needed and still has the need for creativity beyond the run-of-the-mill and cookie cutter sound of the modern music industry. Past generations will be introduced to a soulful voice singing meaningful and autobiographical lyrics, excellent instrumentation and a melody rather than just beats with a heavy baseline. Much of the music of today is wrought with little more than acoustic sounds and vibrations; Winehouse differed from the norm.