James O'Keefe: Friend and Filmmaker


I had the privilege of first meeting James O'Keefe when he was working as a Publications Coordinator for the Leadership Institute.  Since then, he's come a LONG way. I hope that students across the country take note of the great work he's been doing across the country and see the power that video and media have in forging a path for ethics in government.  Sure, we could argue that he's a "conservative", but one look at O'Keefe's videos or just sitting down and talking with him show that his quest and mission is more to expose government waste, corruption and unethical practices.

Students, the same tactics James uses are the same tactics you can use on campus to expose bias and corruption on campus...or maybe even capture your own event and make it viral.

One thing I learned from my friend James is if you can't beat the media...then be the media. That's precisely what he's done.

Do yourself a favor and read this profile on James and his work.

O’Keefe assured me that he would never do such a thing. I assured him that my article would be a model of journalistic rectitude. I think it is fair to say that neither of us was fully convinced, then or in our subsequent encounters. He came to the meeting with a large plastic bag full of newspaper clippings of his exploits. Most of them, he felt, were examples of shoddy journalism. O’Keefe is not a fan of the media. “All journalists are either pundits or stenographers,” he told me, a remark I duly noted in my notebook. “We need stenographers, as long as they record the truth,” he added graciously.