MJ Rehearsal Footage Will Not be Used in Trial


Say what you will as you judge the death of my hero, Michael Jackson, but bottom line is really this: a "doctor" knew he was doing wrong and willfully prescribed and enabled MJ to abuse propofol.  He should have known better.  The events of MJ's death are so sketchy when you look at at the timeline, between Murray falling asleep, leaving him there, performing CPR on a bed, calling little Prince in to see his dad unconscious, etc.  Murray deserves to go to jail.

San Francisco IB Times:

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor has ruled that the raw clips of "This Is It" video, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, should not be shown to the jurors.

After watching over 100 hours of the pop singer's documentary video at Sony Company, Judge Pastor said: "There is absolutely nothing in those materials that could have been of assistance to the defense."

He added, "There are materials which I viewed which I would regard as extremely valuable to Sony." The raw video is expected to be used for extended version of "This Is It".

Sure Michael was addicted and shares some blame, but I think he already paid the ultimate price for his actions.  Now will MJ's family get the justice they deserve?