Governor Perry Will Announce His Candidacy on Saturday


Finally!  Best news of the day.  It was honor helping him get re-elected for Governor and now it'll be an honor helping him get elected as President. TEAM PERRY! Reuters:

Perry is a staunch social and religious conservative who stresses his strong job-creation record in Texas. That could help him compete with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the party's pro-business wing and make him a formidable challenger for Democratic President Barack Obama.

Perry would become a top-tier candidate as soon as he enters the race. He is the longest serving governor in Texas history, taking over from George W. Bush after Bush won the 2000 presidential election.

Analysts said he has the visibility and fund-raising network to make a successful entry into the race, even though it comes months after other leading contenders.

Yeah I also really did just want to show off my awesome pic with the Gov. (Taken in Brownsville)