You Can Shoot Coyotes When You Jog Too


It's cute to see the national media pick apart Texan culture with Governor Perry's "Texas sized" candidacy. All cliches aside, one of the funniest things to see is the shock and awe that our very own Governor carries a gun and took out a dangerous coyote threat with his firearm when he was out jogging.  The kill was so epic it launched its own special edition .380 Ruger. As Ben Smith from the Politico tweeted:

I asked Perry whether he's armed today. He declined to say. "That's why it's called concealed."

That's how Texans roll.  Now of course, you can carry a firearm while you jog just like our Gov.  Slate gives some insight:

In a jog holster, of course. There are plenty of threads on Internet forums discussing the best way to run with a gun. Some gun-toting runners use fanny packs. These are less than optimal since the weapon bounces around and the wearer must fumble with a zipper in an emergency. Others wear their weapons in thigh or ankle holsters but complain that those devices create a sense of imbalance and tend to slide down the leg. Manufacturers have recently responded with holsters specifically meant for exercise.

Imagine my shock when I saw my own city mentioned later in the article for an attack on a female runner.  Ladies, do yourself a favor and arm yourself with something more than a can of seasoning.