Social Media: Now You Can Approve Photo Tags on Facebook


FINALLY! Facebook has rolled out some new privacy and photo tagging changes that make me EVER so happy.  At last, instead of getting tagged in a horrible photo,  advertisement from a friend using facebook wrong or a photo that isn't even you can approve tags instead of going through the old untagging process. I feel like college girls everywhere are cheering this on.

Mashable has the scoop:

Profile controls will now be embedded right on the profile page. In the past, changing settings such as who can see your photos or musical interests was done through the bulky Privacy Settings page. Now those settings appear on the right-hand side of nearly every section of the user profile when you’re editing your settings.

Facebook has also decided to bring the “View Profile As” feature directly onto the profile page. This feature allows you to view your profile page as one of your friends would see it. It was previously available in the privacy settings section, but will now appear on the top right-hand corner whenever you visit your profile.

The biggest change to profile privacy controls though is the addition to tag reviews. O’Neill told Mashable that users wanted greater control over who tagged them and how those tags appeared on their profiles. Users will now be able to approve or reject tags before they become visible to anybody else. This includes photos, locations and posts.

It seems that Facebook is trying to compete with the ease of privacy and sharing on Google+.

Something I really love about the changes:

The last change to sharing content involves untagging. Facebook says that users were unclear what untagging themselves from photos actually meant, so it has provided more options for when they untag themselves from Facebook content. Now there are three options: untagging yourself from a photo, asking the photo uploader to remove the photo and blocking that person on Facebook.

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