Noodling, Drive Faster, Hunting Feral Hogs and More


Ah the first day of September.  A day in which classes fire off the first round of assignments, people start dropping said classes and we get a little sprinkle of rain in the Rio Grande Valley.  It certainly is almost fact, it was only 90ish degrees in McAllen! What else is so special about September 1st? New laws take effect now!  The Right Side of Austin has a great post about today's batch of 700 new laws that take effect.

Among some of the laws,speed limits in Texas are changing! Texas now has the right to set some highway speeds up to 75 mph and the 65 mph at night limit is no longer enforceable. Finally, driving across the state will take...slightly less time? Oh the qualms with living in South Texas.

Also now legal in Texas, something I learned about from National Geographic, Noodling will now be legal in Texas. Say what?! It has nothing to do with pasta, but rather you can catch catfish with your bare hands.  The boy and I would like to try this. Just imagine the high fashion noodling outfit I could put together.

And of course, the awesome pork chopper bill goes into effect. Hunt away at those feral hogs from helicopters dear Texans.