Are you the 1.7%?


By a pretty close margin, McAllen voters approved a tax hike to fund a new performing arts building.  But just 1.7% of voters actually showed up to cast a ballot. The Monitor puts this into perspective for us:

McAllen’s 2011 special election by the numbers:

1,022 — number of ballots cast

58,471  — number of registered voters

90,846 — McAllen’s voting-age population

Using Facebook as a comparison, the McAllen Tea Party group has 280 members.  The Occupy McAllen Facebook page has 1,151 fans.  I'll do the math for you: 1,431 potential voters, compared to the 1,022 who actually turned out.  It's safe to assume many of these members may not actually live in McAllen or may not even be of voting age, but imagine...if these "grassroots" groups had rallied voters to the polls how much different the turnout could've been.

So are you part of the 1.7% who cared enough to vote in McAllen?