Pinterest: What Is It? Why Should You Sign Up?


You may have heard some buzz surrounding the latest social networking site Pinterest. So what is it? Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to create your own inspiration boards, think of it as a way of reducing all those post its, magazines and clutter on your desk into organized online bulletin boards.  For example, wedding planning just became 99% easier, I've been using pinterest to add my ideas and inspiration for my mom and friends to see, to give them an idea of what kind of event I want.

I used Pinterest to put together an inspiration board for my graduation party and even "pinned" the hairstyle I wanted for that special day for my stylist.

The iPhone app received a much needed update, which allows you to pin things on the go.

So why use pinterest?  Put together all your recipes! Plan an event!  Just look at pretty things all day.  It's a great site for organizing, discovering new web content or just "pinning" things that inspire you.

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