Social Media: For the Love of Newsfeeds Please Unlink Your Accounts


When I signed up for Facebook, back when it was, it was an age before the news feed, news ticker, timeline and even your parents could join Facebook.  Simpler times, no Farmville, no ads, just e-stalking friends on campus and joining silly groups while seeing who was in a class with you. Then I joined Twitter.  Awesome!  I now have 140 characters at my will at any moment of the day.  I can choose to share a cool article about livetweeting surgeries with you (though I doubt the Twitter founders ever thought it could go that far), I could send you a LOL cat video or I could even tell you about the delightful sandwich I just ate.  I could go into the basics of each of these social media sites but in honor of the Shamrock Shake I cheated on my wedding diet with tonight I'll let McDonald's do the honors:

Cute and to the point, bookmark it, save it, like it, plus one it, just make sure you understand it.

Now let's get into why linking your accounts is very annoying and the easiest way to get muted on Twitter, unsubscribed from on Facebook, hidden from a LinkedIn feed, well you get the point...

If I am following a brand on Twitter I'm probably not looking for the same kind of information as I would want from a Facebook brand page.  On Facebook your average user wants a deal, a sweepstakes, a giveaway of some sort or maybe they want to just know what's going on with your brand without being restricted to 140 characters.

The Facebook user likes videos and photos and timely responses with attention to detail.  If you're crossposting content back and forth on both sites, what's the point in me following you on both?  I'm getting the same information without any regard to what kind of a user I am.

We know in public relations that catering to the right target audience is everything.  Countless hours (weeks, months) go into researching what a good message for your brand is and who you should share it to.  You wouldn't broadcast a Spanish language commercial on ABC during Grey's Anatomy would you?  You'd probably want to put those ad dollars towards the hot new Novela on Univision or Telemundo.  The same applies to social media.  Know your users and know your audience.

Besides, it's silly using all those twitter hashtags in Facebook updates.  Users can tell they're not getting one on one attention from a social media manager and you won't get the interactions and feedback your brand should be getting.

It's not all rain on your parade, I know it's hard to keep track of all these sites if you're a one man band trying to keep your business going.  Do you need help setting up a social media strategy for your business?  Let's talk!