Dior Show Makeup Artist Brings New York to McAllen


I am absolutely obsessed with makeup.  I think every girl says that but after years of experimenting with theatrical looks (I mean literally, I have way too many sets of false lashes) and makeup appropriate for TV appearances, I thought I had my daily makeup look perfected.  My daily look consists of my Kat Von D True Romance: Saint palette, an affordable and highly pigmented alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palette, Bare Minerals foundation, MAC blush, loads of eyeliner and mascara...then Jeffrey Sanchez, Dior show makeup artist from Dallas, TX opened my world to the world of Dior's powerful but light feeling foundations.

The following photo must mean I really like you guys because I'm not wearing makeup in it:

As part of a segment for ExploreMcAllen.com I was asked to be Jeffrey's makeover subject for a pretty spring look (gee what a terrible job I have).  He started by applying a light feeling, full coverage foundation called Dior AirFlash.  As the name implies, the foundation is a spray reminiscent of airbrush style makeup, just a spray onto a brush and buff into the face.  It felt light just like what I like about Bare Minerals, but the difference was in the amount of coverage I had!  I'm lucky to have pretty even acne free skin, but I do have dark circles under my eyes and a good amount of freckles I like to hide.  AirFlash felt like the full coverage I like from my stage makeup without the heavy, caked on feeling of stage makeup.

For added coverage of those dark circles, Jeffrey applied the Dior SkinFlash Booster Pen, which as Dior Account Executive Petty Helou described is "every girl's American Express...don't leave home without it!"  What it really felt like was IRL photoshop in a pen.  The difference it made in coverage was astounding.  Out to the trash go my old MAC and Lorac concealers, finally something that works!

Jeffrey added some color to my newly fresh face by applying a beautiful Dior palette in shades of green.  I've always felt that the shades of green contrast my dark hair and eyes enough to give me that big doe eye look I love, especially against the heaviness of my bangs.  Add some eyeliner and DiorShow mascara and I was ready to go!

But wait...as Dior himself believed "a woman's fragrance tells more about her than her handwriting." And thank God, my handwriting is awful but my perfume choices are always spot on.  Before Petty and Jeffrey could recommend Miss Dior Cherie I exclaimed "Miss Dior Cherie is one of my favorite perfumes!"

A fabulous finish to a fresh spring look.  I ended up purchasing the Skinflash pen and Airflash foundation and can't wait to use them in my daily routine!

Jeffrey will be in McAllen for the remainder of the week before he begins traveling the country again.  You can catch him at Sephora and Dillard's at La Plaza Mall.

Thanks for making me look fab on a Tuesday afternoon!  Video coming soon, with some tips on application of these products by Jeffrey himself!  Now I really hope he's available on my wedding day...but even if he isn't I will be asking my makeup artist to use the Airflash foundation and Skinflash pen!