The Night All Hail Broke Loose in McAllen

I'm not sure exactly how all of this went down because of how fast a calm Thursday night turned into chaos.  As I recall, Chris and I sat down to nom on a sandwich, watch some 30 Rock and chill after my last day at the City of McAllen.  Then we noticed the horizontal rain.  The smartest member of our family, Chloe the cat, immediately pounced off the bed and under it to take cover.  Instead of following her Calico cat suit we went outside where our roommates Caleb and Shana were making dinner, on the BBQ pit, like true a storm.  Right.  Suddenly we saw hail.  It started out fun, "oooh look a big storm, yay hail how cool" then we noticed the hail starting to get bigger. Eventually the hail turned to golf ball size and began pummeling our vehicles.  The angle in which they were parked allowed the sheets of hail to ricochet off our roof and slam the cars. There we stood watching our beloved vehicles get demolished right before our eyes.  It was too late to move them into the car ports. It was too late to do anything.

I was filming the wreckage when I turned to suddenly find no one outside.  I panicked in my head "did my fiancé leave me out in the storm?" "did I not put together that a tornado was coming?"

I ran inside to find hail pelting the inside of the house, windows blown out and drapes flying.  Glass everywhere, it was like we were being hailed with ice bullets.  The dogs had run to the hallway in fear, Shana locked them up in the closet and we went into frantic mode trying to cover the windows in vain.  What I wouldn't have given for a Mythbusters style emergency supply of duct tape to solve our dilemma. (The pictures don't do it much justice...we just panicked and there wasn't much time to snap the photos.)

When we thought it couldn't get any worse we noticed water was starting to pour in throughout the kitchen, Shana's room and their bathroom.  Oh God, we're flooding.  Chris and I ran to our room and miraculously it was unscathed, Chloe napping peacefully under the bed amidst the chaos, just in case we bundled up our MacBooks and buried them in a secret hiding place (I don't know we thought it would help).

We came back to find more water in the kitchen. Each of us took turns sweeping out the water, discovering that the hail that had piled up outside our back doors was now melting, and water was leaking through the foundation.

The rest of the night involved us basically trying to stay afloat, worrying about the pups, popping open a bottle of wine and assessing the damage.  Thank God we're all ok and so are our pets but wow...It was awful.

It was pitch black so the photo isn't the best but as you can see our yard turned into the lost city of Atlantis.

Here are some shots from the morning. If you'd like to see the rest, check out my Facebook album here.

Mia inspecting the hole in the window.

Well that didn't help much.

And beloved PT Cruiser:

I'm really hoping Allstate Insurance can help me with this disaster. Am I in good hands???

Again, more photos here: