That's All for the Rattler Folks.

The end of a roller coaster era.  When the coaster first opened I was too scared of any roller coaster to ride it.  Since then I conquered my fears and have ridden it several times.  It was a fun, long ride that is really the only coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas that actually makes me anxious to board.  The other rides are fun and thrilling but there's something "dangerous" about a wooden coaster to me.  Sigh. It's been fun, Rattler.

The Rattler won't be rolling any more after Aug. 5.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced Monday that its landmark wooden roller coaster — once billed as the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in the world — will carry its last rider that day.

What, if anything, will replace the 20-year-old ride was not something Fiesta Texas officials would discuss Monday.

“All I can say is, it will be going away on Aug. 5,” park spokeswoman Sydne Purvis said. “That's all I can tell you.”

The ride, a nearly mile-long, 180-foot-high structure of Douglas fir tracks and southern yellow pine supports, is one of Fiesta Texas' signature features. It was the park's only adult roller coaster when it opened in March 1992.

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