Now People Think Mayor Castro "isn't Hispanic enough"


I think what really can be said about the RNC and DNC is that Americans just don't seem to be ready for Hispanics to be influential members of either party.  In a follow up to a post I made about the Texas Democratic Party Chair attacking Ted Cruz for "not being Hispanic enough" now the Daily Caller seems to think the only way you can be 100% Hispanic is to be fluent in Spanish.

I'll let Carina Castro say what I feel through her epic cuteness of hair flipping.

Democrats have high hopes that last night’s keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, can deliver Latino voters to the Democratic ticket and give them a decisive electoral majority.

Yet Castro, who played up his Mexican heritage by speaking a few lines in Spanish, admits “he doesn’t really speak Spanish,” according to a 2010 profile in The New York Times Magazine.

I understand Spanish and as Ted Cruz would say, I grew up learning Spanglish in the Rio Grande Valley.  I don't speak it well, especially not well enough to speak it when I'm not around my close family and friends. I wonder how many of the DNC delegates even speak Spanish to begin with?  Does my inability to speak Spanish suddenly mean I'm not of Mexican descent? LOL I can't believe I even had to write that sentence.

But the post from the Daily Caller only gets more offensive:

A number of news outlets have suggested that Julian Castro represents the Democrats’ answer to Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who, like Castro, is Hispanic and spoke at his party’s national convention.

Unlike Castro, however, Rubio is fluent in Spanish, as evidenced by an interview he gave Telemundo last year.

The New York Times Magazine profile of Castro noted that his lack of fluency in the language is “a fact he isn’t eager to advertise.”

Do we see a trend here?  Attacks against Ted Cruz, Julian Castro and Marco Rubio have mainly been about their ethnicity, ability to speak Spanish and magical ability to be the Super Latino vote collectors of their parties.

I think that despite Hispanics being the fastest growing minority in the country (already the majority in some areas), maybe "mainstream America" is so scared of that fact that they pit Hispanics against each other not for their politics but for who is more Hispanic than the other.

You can speak Spanglish or Spanish, grow up in South Texas or South Florida, if your background is Hispanic, then that's all that needs to be said about that.  You shouldn't have to defend your how Hispanic you are. Que triste.