War on Women: Misogyny at Work


I love the Keep Texas Awesome facebook page, it's literally full about facts that show why Texas is awesome.  Today the page posted an interesting statistic:

Well, this looks like a statistic the whole population should be concerned with right?  After all, youths are the future workforce, and women especially are finally taking their rightful places in their careers and breaking glass ceilings left and right.

But instead comments like this proved exactly why there is a need for a feminist movement, why there is a need for women to speak up for other women and how some myths are so institutionalized in people that they carelessly make sweeping generalizations on social networks for thousands of people to see and link their names to:

Let's start with James Ray White:

Right!  He quickly qualifies his sweeping generalization by saying "This is not every one but a large portion of them!"  Yet the institutionalized misogyny was so deep rooted that he left his original comment "because they all get pregnant at 16..."

Right...nice way of "clarifying" what you "truly meant".

How about Austin McNeill:

Austin, you're a big boy, you own your own piece of technology that made it possible for you to write your caveman comment! So make your own damn sandwich.

And Rowdy Fugitt? I apologize for the obscenity but hey, this is what we deal with as women:

I hope your mother sees this!

Of course Jeremy Roach has clearly figured out the whole nationwide recession thing and solved problems for everyone in America struggling to find a job right now:

There are lots of other obscene gems throughout that page, which I hope the admin will take down, but at the same time it's great that these people immortalized their misogyny on the interwebz.  After all, the internet is forever!   Glad I got those screen caps because sure enough the comments have disappeared.

The real point of this post? That on a daily basis invectives like this are flung at women for no good reasons.  Not a day goes by that harassing, misogynist comments aren't flung at a woman on a daily basis, believe me I work in a downtown metropolitan area.