"Lady" Marketing...No Thanks!


I've written before about how much I despise "lady" marketing to us delicate little flowers, but Chris posted this video on my Facebook timeline (yes we still Facebook each other) and it just made me all warm and fuzzy inside:

Recently Honda introduced a "lady" themed car for all our lady needs.

What madness is this? I’ve seen insultingly lower-spec’ed smartphones in soft colors being marketed to the ladies, but this female-oriented car takes the cake.

You’d think the Honda Fit She’s comes pre-loaded with Pamprin in the glove box, a lipstick holder where the cigarette lighter would be, and spoken alerts voiced by Robert Pattinson. It doesn’t, but it’s not that far off: Aside from the bad grammar, the noteworthy things about this vehicle are the windscreen that supposedly helps prevent wrinkles and an AC/air system that claims to improve the look and health of skin.

Well, surely there must be some dudes out there who’d be interested in this sort of “advanced” technology. Oh, but no, this vehicle is not for them. If there was any confusion about that, the car comes in pink on the inside and out, as well as other “eyeshadow”-type colors. (Insert eyeroll here.)

I noticed it too with a commercial for a Toyota car the other day, the man wanted the super cool wheels & rims~ and the lady wanted like the GPS because we like totally need it you guys!

Here's the thing, there's nothing wrong with catering to a demographic, as a lady I like to pamper myself, but why does everything have to be drenched in Pepto Bismol pink shades?  This post from Jezebel sums up my feelings pretty well:

Dudes have been encouraged to aggressively "Snap into a Slim Jim" for years. Recently, though, a softer side to jerky is being presented. Bombshell Jerky, billed as "The Best Beef Jerky for Women" and the "perfect snack for the gal on the go," launched last year with flavors such as Harvest Cherry Maple Turkey and the spicy Firecracker Links. "I like my beef jerky the way I like my men…hot," says the Bombshell spokesmodel. "That's why I go for the flavors that knock your socks off."

So now lady marketing has creeped into cars...AND my love of meat and beef jerky. NO.

Good for this little girl! Reminds me of me at that age, carrying a stuffed dinosaur named Yoshi instead of a Barbie.  Opting for Star Trek action figures rather than pushing a creepy doll around in a stroller.