The Eagle Ford Shale Play...From Space!

By now you've heard lots about how the Eagle Ford Shale Boom is bringing lots of jobs and economic growth to Texas and the San Antonio area.  You can view the 2012 Eagle Ford Task Force Report here. The report, released by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, pointed out some key findings:

The Eagle Ford Shale reserve is one of the most significant domestic energy discoveries in decades. The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) estimates the total economic impact of the Eagle Ford Shale in 2011 for the 14 county region was just under $20 billion with 38,000 full-time jobs supported. Although Bexar County and San Antonio are not directly involved in the drilling and extraction activities, they are affected indirectly with other activities such as supply chain activities, regional headquarters, refining, construction, and labor supply. UTSA reported the total economic impact of the Eagle Ford Shale in 2011 in Bexar County was over $705 million with 4,290 full-time jobs supported.

Now, the Scientific American blog released a great image that shows the extent of the play, from space!


From their blog:

This image is originally from NASA’s Earth at Night series that I’ve been following. The Eagle Ford Shale shows up as bands of lights below San Antonio, stretching from where the “Tex meets the Mex” to Interstate 10. What we’re seeing on the shale is not city or town lights that have sprung up because of the fracking activity. More than likely, we’re seeing well flares that are picked up by the imaging sensors aboard the Soumi NPP satellite, which detects both city lights and gas flares using a“day-night band”. You can also see flaring from offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, spreading out like silt from the Mississippi River, and some more flaring out in West Texas.

For information on job opportunities with the Eagle Ford Shale Play you can visit this link.