Miriam Martinez Just Doesn't Get It...


Now I am a firm believer in the power of pop culture.  There's a reason I named my blog "Pop Culture Politics."  I believe the reason conservatives appear so out of touch is because they shun the pop culture battles and then try to be cool and embrace memes so late in the game that we look like a bunch of Awkward Penguins.  Not cool. That being said, Miriam Martinez probably needs a lot of work in campaign skills, or maybe just how running for office works.

Former Univision personality Miriam Martinez, who launched a quixotic and ultimately unsuccessful campaign for Texas House District 41 last year, announced Monday that she’s gunning for Gov. Rick Perry’s job.

Martinez, 40, owns a small media company that caters to Mexican clients and hosts a Spanish-language talk show called “Red Hot Texas Politics with Miriam Martinez” on KIRT-AM. Before running for District 41 last year, Martinez was perhaps best known for her broadcast work Univision and an interview with the San Antonio Express-News about her extensive cosmetic surgery.

“I’m your Hispanic Margaret Thatcher,” Martinez said. “Half Eva Perón and a little touch of Madonna.”

stanley stare gif

I've often wondered if Martinez actually understands the basis of conservatism or where she even stands on the issues, and she says this to The Monitor:

“I am a Republican. I am truly a Republican,” Martinez said. “I believe in God. I believe in small business. I believe in job creation. I believe that children can pray in school.”

Ummmm...well then she said this too:

“I don’t see Abbott as a threat. I don’t see Perry as a threat,” Martinez said. “The difference between them and myself is I’m Martinez. And there are more Martinez in Texas than Abbott and Perry.”

On the heels of my presentation yesterday on Hispanic outreach, I can tell ya this is definitely a surefire way to flop.  I revert back to the point I made in my presentation yesterday: not all Hispanics are alike, our last names do not define us, our skin color does not define us, even politics don't define us, but sincerity of a candidate is the true measure of outreach to a group, be it Hispanics or the youth.

Good luck Miriam, because