So, I met Diana Ross Yesterday.

diana ross rehearsal I posted earlier about being really, really, really awesomely excited about the notion that the Motown diva herself, Diana Ross, opened ticket sales to a "working rehearsal", which is unheard of!  I lucked out by stalking the tickets as soon as they went on sale and got a front row aisle seat, so basically...I was just feet away from the legendary Miss Ross for the entire show! Words can't explain how amazing it was to see Miss Ross in this kind of an environment.  It felt like we were part of a jam session with Miss Ross and her band.  She was sweet and the audience was so excited!  Anytime you have a pumped up audience it makes the experience so much better.  The San Antonio Express News has a great play by play of what it was like being at the rehearsal:

Ross admitted to the audience, “We’ve never done this before but I decided to open up the rehearsal. Rehearsals are really private, but we’re trying to open up a whole lot of stuff,” she said sweetly to applause and cheers as the rehearsal began shortly before 4 p.m. “This will go till 7 p.m.,” she cautioned. More applause. (The rehearsal concluded a few minutes before then.)

Ross told her fans: “We won’t sing the songs all the way through. It’s more of a sound check.”

She also apologized to her fans: “I’ll have my back to you so I’m sorry.” But even with her backside in full view, she didn’t forget that her fans were there and often looked over her shoulder and flirted with them or waved and smiled a lot.

It's true, being in the audience of a rehearsal I was just there to watch her work, there are many things you can pick up from her style and her experience, even as a young professional in San Antonio.  She was sweet, she was kind but she knew how to express to her team exactly what she wanted and despite her sweet, soft spoken voice, she commands a room and commands respect, as one of her backup singers noted: "You make me nervous!"

A guy behind me was trying to get Miss Ross to sign his book and I brought along my record of "Muscles" for her to sign, seeing as how we were so close to her.  Through many parts of her show I felt this amazing connection, she looked right at me, looked at the record, said "I love you too" and even danced along with me during "Upside Down" from her spotlight on the stage.

Then this happened:

“What happened to our rehearsal?” Ross reminded the audience as she laughed along with them. “Let me save some voice for tomorrow night,” she said, affirming her appreciation to everyone, adding “We didn’t’ expect this!”

As she gathered her belongings from the table she looked at her fans, now clustered at the edge of the stage, and said, “This is it you wonderful, wonderful people. We love you. See you later, alligator!”

And with that she was slowly escorted off the stage, stopping briefly to sign a couple of autographs as fans waited until her head of curly hair was out of sight.

And what little fan on the side of the stage was there lucky enough to talk to her and grab an autograph?

diana ross rehearsal signing autographs

diana ross autograph

I couldn't help but to start shaking and crying!  I told her that Chris and I danced to "Endless Love" at our wedding and she said "oooh okayyy!" and I'm not even mad.

Tonight Chris and I will see her full show at the Majestic Theatre, but nothing will ever compare to this intimate concert experience with Miss Ross.