San Antonio is Becoming a Startup Hub!

keyboardGreat article in the Atlantic Cities -- contrasts Austin with San Antonio, on the eve of the SXSW Festival for interactive design and media, music and arts, noting that San Antonio has become a center for tech industries.  San Antonio is home to the Air Force division charged with cyber-security, a growing number of biotechnology and cyber-security firms, Rackspace Hosting and Geekdom. Geekdom is home to many tech start-ups and designers, and the article highlights a newer group called ParLevel Systems, a computer program that can track vending machine sales to alert owners of when machines need restocking and/or have expired items.  The startup is part of the TechStars program and has received funding.

The article also mentions another Geekdom startup, TrueAbility, which has developed a program to test IT skills of applicants to give companies more useful skills information of potential employees.

The article notes that San Antonio is trying to anchor a tech district downtown to attract young professionals and dispel the myth that it is just a tourism town.

Even cooler?  My hubby and his team are working on graphics for TrueAbility, ParLevel and of course the new Geekdom site!

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