Rackspace Launches Open Cloud Academy

open cloud academy ribbon cuttingI had the pleasure of attending, photographing and live tweeting a very cool event with Rackspace today.  They announced the grand opening of their Open Cloud Academy at the Weston Centre in downtown San Antonio. A little tid bit of knowledge from Graham Weston: the 6th floor of the Weston Centre, the original home of Rackspace, housed the first three YouTube servers-EVER.

The Open Cloud Academy will give graduates the EXACT skills they need to get a job with Rackspace and compete in today's IT and cloud technology world, from their press release:

To address these shortfalls in both skills and training, Rackspace Hosting has today opened the doors to its Open Cloud Academy by launching a pilot training program. The Open Cloud Academy is an educational program designed to provide students with affordable IT certifications, specifically around open cloud technologies.

As the open cloud company, Rackspace fully understands the importance of a cloud-competent workforce, having launched the largest commercially-operated open cloud platform based on OpenStack in 2012. Rackspace is taking considerable measures to bridging the IT skills gap by not only offering internal training to current employees, but now offering these courses externally.

“The cloud era represents a huge opportunity and it requires a specific, and critical skill set for this to be fully realized.  As cloud adoption increases, companies stand to reduce IT costs and become more agile, however, with not enough people properly trained in these cutting edge technologies, organizations are missing the boat,” said Graham Weston Rackspace Chairman.   “The Open Cloud Academy can help turn the tide by offering highly sought after technical training to the public, bolstering the this scarce pipeline and helping fill the countless number of roles in San Antonio and beyond.”

In addition, the Open Cloud Academy will have a focus on former military and university graduates and aims to help trainees get the IT certifications that matter to employers, learning in weeks what it sometimes takes others years to master.

The rest of the photos are live here.