San Antonio Named the Best Place to Start a Business


san antonio daytime There are so many exciting things happening in San Antonio and it's really great to see so many jobs and investments come through the city, just by working in the Economic Development Department.  I've seen the great work coming out of Geekdom and the entrepreneurial spirit that is the backbone of this community.  Did you know that 97% of all employer firms in San Antonio are small businesses?  So, when our department received a request for an interview from, it came as no surprise that we were being recognized for our business friendly attributes and small business empowerment programs.

"San Antonio has always had a very strong small business presence," says Rene Dominguez, director economic development for the City of San Antonio.

"We have some industries that really lend themselves to small-business formation and growth [like] the tourism industry. There are a lot of small-business opportunities within that industry from restaurants to retail," he says. "More recently there are emerging industries that are very conducive to small business [such as] IT and cyber. We have a very strong small-business cyber-community here."

One of the more recent sparks for small business is the support by Rackspace (RAX) founder Graham Weston.

"Rackspace has a desire to make San Antonio an IT, tech-driven community and it matches up with the city's goals as well," Dominguez says.

From establishing Geekdom, a collaboration space that is a point of concentration for tech and entrepreneurialism in San Antonio, and a major supporter behind TechStars Cloud, a San Antonio-based accelerator launched in January 2012 that funds companies focused on cloud computing and cloud infrastructure.

You can read all about it here.

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