Race and Relationships


It's been YEARS since I've gotten anything close to a hate comment on my blog.  Sure, as a member of YCT I thrived on the controversy and quickly developed a thick skin against the disgusting things trolls of the internet say.  One thing that I can't stand is being accused of being a traitor to my race because of what I believe.  Still, based on my experience as the spokesperson for YCT, instead of arguing politics with me, those who disagreed went straight for my looks, my figure and my race.  I didn't expect to be called a racial epithet because of who I married and fell in love with. I sometimes joke with Chris that he's white on the outside and Mexican on the inside.  He spent most of his life in the Rio Grande Valley, he likes more Mexican food and spicy dishes than I do and he understands a good amount of Spanish.  But it's all in good fun because he knows how passionate I am about my culture and about feminism.  I am constantly yelling at the TV for portraying Hispanics as a caricature of a human or why so many Hispanic women get stuck portraying the spicy Latina~ on a TV show or the maid.  So on a post about Miriam Martinez, who I believe feeds into the caricatures of Hispanic women I received this comment:

racial slur

The comment itself isn't worth responding, it's clear this person is an uneducated moron, a little Internet troll!  How cute.

But the context of the comment IS worth responding to.  Let me make this abundantly clear, since I sometimes feel like I am in an interracial relationship: who you choose to marry doesn't make you less of a Hispanic.  Likewise, disagreeing with a fellow Hispanic doesn't make you less Hispanic, doesn't make you a sellout and doesn't make you a coconut.  Imagine if no Hispanic women had stood up to the Machismo of our culture and dared to get educated and be something great.  Imagine if our culture didn't have those feminists who stood up against norms and did what they were passionate about.  What a world we would live in!  Those women disagreed with other Hispanics and it didn't mean they were sellouts.

These racial epithets are exactly what need to die down.  Instead of embracing the love I have for my husband, that's what I get?  Really.  Why not channel that pitiful rage against this:

“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” he told KRBD. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

I've unfortunately heard that word used, while I was at a campaign event, heading up a table of volunteers who happened to be Hispanics and I shut it down right away.  The man said "Oh I didn't mean anything racial by it!"  But you did, you couldn't just learn that word out of the blue right?

My point with this post is simple: love who you love, believe what you believe, but leave race out of it.  I'm not naive enough to think everyone is blind to race, I think you should be proud of where you came from, but you shouldn't be discriminated against, or treated negatively for what race or ethnicity you are.

It's 2013, I shouldn't have to write posts like this.

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