San Antonio - The Worst Dressed City? Not So Fast, Y'all!

The Movoto blog seems to think San Antonio lacks style.  Working downtown I can definitely say there are some fashion disasters walking around: ill fitting short-sleeved suits, an abundance of flip flops, mussed hair and ubiquitous 90s style floral print tops, but there are also a ton of really fashionable people, starting with some of my colleagues in the public relations industry.  I'm not sure Movoto's logic is right in thinking San Antonio lacks style.  I also think they should take a look at some of my outfits to prove otherwise.  According to the blog:

Exactly what constitutes good fashion is pretty subjective, so in order determine which cities are the most likely to have the worst-dressed residents, we went with a few different criteria. These included:

  • High-end clothing stores per capita
  • High-end jewelry stores per capita
  • High-end shoe stores per capita

We also looked at tailors and shops offering alterations—because looking good is as much about your clothes fitting well as their price—and the number of schools offering instruction in fashion-related fields. After all, it stands to reason that they’re going to attract fashionable people to the surrounding community.

If you've ever watched an episode of the Real Housewives, everybody knows money can't buy you class, my friends, elegance is learned! The problem with looking at high-end retailers for finding fashionistas is that even all the money and designer clothes in the world can make you look like this:


Or this, sorry Britney, I love you but really?