Big Changes


Some of life's most stressful events can include getting married (have you ever planned a wedding??), moving, taking a new job and relocating to a new city.  In just two years I have graduated from college, gotten engaged, bought a car, moved to a new city, taken a new job and gotten married!  It probably didn't help that most of those events previously mentioned happened within a few months.  Maybe I just like to get all of life's stressful events over with all at once. kgbtexas logo

Nonetheless, I thrive on stress and while my anxiety may mean a lot of sleepless nights, it also gives me a chance to break free from habits, try something new and be a risk taker.  So, with our upcoming move to downtown San Antonio fast approaching, it is with great pride that I can officially announce that I am leaving the City of San Antonio's Economic Development Department to join the Public Affairs team at KGBTexas Advertising.  Working for EDD has been such a thrilling experience.  You probably wouldn't think that working for a government agency, but not many people can say they've worked on the type of projects I've worked on.  From creating a marketing strategy and brand identity from scratch, to working on several big company expansions and relocations, to racing against the clock to create a print piece for Mayor Castro to deliver to the President of Mexico, every project in this department has been high profile, maybe a little high stress, but always high quality.  Our Director says we are a "Tip of the Spear" department, meaning we are always on point, we are always outside the norm and we are always under the watchful eye of the public.  That type of work is what moves this City forward, the science of economic development has been amazing to watch and learn from AND market.

All that being said, I'm very excited about this new career opportunity and for our upcoming move to downtown.

Here's to many more adventures.