Meet My New Rescue Pup Juliet


I believe very strongly that everyone should adopt a rescue animal if they are in the market for a family pet.  My cats have always been adoptees. When I first saw Juliet in her kennel, she was quiet, bundled up in a corner, not barking, just chillin'.  The Humane Society employee said everyone was taking the little dachshund in her kennel out to play and Juliet (then Marian) was waiting.  I couldn't resist her.  She slipped into a leash and galloped along next to us, happy to be out playing despite the weather.  I noticed a little hop in her walk, we would later learn that her back right leg had been broken when she was younger.  It healed incorrectly, causing a little bit of a limp, but she was in no pain and still full of energy.

After I took her back inside, I wandered the rest of the kennels, but Juliet stood out.  I took her out to play one more time and fell in love.  I started crying when I saw how happy she was to see me again and how she didn't want me to put her back.

She was the one.

Filled out paperwork and learned that Juliet had been living in and out of shelters for about a year.  She's only about 2 years old!  She was in Animal Care Services, sent to the Humane Society, adopted, then abandoned, picked up as a stray, sent back to Animal Care Services and then finally back to the Humane Society.  She waited so long to be loved!


I got a slew of details on her health (she's great!), including the fact that she is heartworm positive (not so great), but that it was fully treatable and with the right owners she'd be healthy in no time.

They asked me again after knowing all that if we still wanted her, how could we say no?


I've had Juliet for about a week now, she's been on car trips, to both my office, and even a downtown kickball game.  It really is true that when you rescue an animal, they really rescue you.  Despite the stresses of the day, it's so great to come home to her excited face and my sleepy cat.

If you haven't considered rescuing an animal from the San Antonio Humane Society, now is the time.