It's been almost a year since I found out my dad was having open heart surgery.  I can say I'm an adult all I want, but nothing made me feel more like an adult with real problems until I saw my dad in a vulnerable state.  He's my super hero and always has been - a law enforcement officer, the man who drove me to debate tournaments, went to choir concerts, cheered me up when a boy broke my heart (and maybe threatened the boy a bit...I kid, I kid) and the rock of our family.  My dad is logical, sensible and has constantly pushed me so that I can have a better life.  He's full of energy, rides a motorcycle, works crazy hours and goes to college at night to finish his bachelor's degree! I'll never forget where I was when I got the text telling me that he needed open heart surgery.  I sat in a board meeting, stone faced, trying very hard not to cry.  I rushed home and started packing, knowing I had a kickoff event that night for a leadership program.  My mom and dad called me and told me to stay in San Antonio, go to my event and drive down the next day.  Why? Because it's my career and it's important.  Constantly pushing me to do better.  They know why I moved to San Antonio - opportunity.

The next day we drove down to the valley to be with him.  It was harder than I ever thought it would be and I still tear up thinking of him in that state.  It's my dad, my super hero...in such a vulnerable state!

Heart conditions run in my family and I began to really look at the life I was living, constantly stressed, not eating right, taking care of everything and everyone before myself and I knew I had to make a change.

Fortunately, my dad has made a full recovery and almost a year later he is back on his motorcycle, back to work and back to college!

Then, When the American Heart Association of San Antonio approached LOOP about getting involved it seemed like the stars aligned. Because heart disease prevention really does start at a young age.  And as young professionals, we have the power to spread the word and raise awareness for healthier living.

As it stands in San Antonio:

  • 23% of San Antonio-area adults report no physical activity in the past month
  • 52% of all restaurants in San Antonio county are fast food establishments
  • 32% of San Antonio residents are obese

That's why the American Heart Association's young professionals group, Pulse SA, has launched a social giving campaign, #HaveAHeartSA, to raise awareness and raise money for the organization - for programs that directly benefit San Antonio!

Pulse SA encourages everyone to donate and then encourage / tag friends to do the same by sharing a personal heart-themed photo to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #HaveAHeartSA.

Just last night we hosted a shopping happy hour at Elaine Turner to raise funds and we hope you'll join us at Kendra Scott at La Cantera next!

Can't make it? You can donate online too!