June in Review


It's hard to believe that half the year has come and gone.  2015 has been a better year than 2014.  I think that's partially because I've been determined to make it better.  The mind is a powerful thing and I've been fortunate to have good friends to help me through the darker days. My Latina Leadership Institute Class continues to be the day I most look forward to of the month.  Being surrounded by type A Latinas, even if many of them are on the opposite political spectrum, inspires me.  My dad used to tell me that being a Latina meant I would have to work twice as hard just to compete with everyone else.  His words have stayed with me and have pushed me to work harder and harder.  I don't believe being a Latina is a handicap at all, but he's right, I have to fight for my seat at the table.  It doesn't stop me, it sometimes discourages me, but I don't back down.

Our last session was on personal branding.  I often wonder what people's first impressions are of me and recently I was served a reminder that you have to be on your A game every day because erasing a first impression is extremely difficult to do.  Our class day included some media training and it was fun to be on the client side of media training for the day:


Councilman Ron Nirenberg also addressed our group about the importance of your political elevator speech.

Of course, I had to grab a selfie with the Councilman and my class bestie, Andrea Guajardo.  Watch out world, this lady is amazing.  A working mom pursuing her Doctoral degree, she inspires me.


Later this month, my young professionals group, LOOP, hosted one of the City of San Antonio's budget meetup sessions.  The voter turnout for our age group was pitiful and I want to change that.  Part of changing that is getting young professionals involved in the planning phases, not just election season.  We need to be heard on boards, commissions, budget hearings and comprehensive plans.  I want us to not just vote for who sits at the table but be at the table leading the discussion.  After all, our generation will use the capital improvement projects in the future.  We were fortunate to have Councilman Roberto C. Treviño address the group from the coolest spot, The Friendly Spot.




Finally, I was afforded the opportunity to attending the inauguration ceremony of our Mayor and Council.  Mayor Taylor said in her speech that she hoped that kids from disadvantaged districts would look at her and know that anyone can achieve anything if you work hard.  Here, here!  An inspiring quote.


June has been a whirlwind and sometimes I feel like I'm running on empty but then I look back at all that was accomplished and all that I got to be a part of and I feel good.