LOOP Board Retreat Exploring San Antonio's Center City


All work and no play makes a dull board.  We had a blast on Friday night exploring San Antonio's beautiful center city as part of our LOOP Board Retreat and Scavenger Hunt.  Team building, downtown fun and some gelato.  Of course, it wasn't all fun.  LOOP is making a big push to get more young professionals involved in city government. I've worked at the municipal level for many years of my life and I firmly believe it's the place you can make the biggest difference.  Municipal government handles the things that impact your day-to-day life like streets and drainage, traffic lights, water availability and quality and even recruitment of businesses so that there are better-paying jobs throughout the city.

Our board chair, Brian Hurtak has a great piece in today's Rivard Report to that effect.

But how can we as a generation make a difference in our city? Get involved. It sounds cliché, but it really is that simple. Real involvement means we have effective leadership, are informed and able to act on local government issues, and make sure our voices influence the public conversation.

Sure, sounds great, but how? The city of San Antonio’s open house events are a good start. There is an important series of open houses coming up regarding the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. Just by showing up, you’ll get the chance to give your input on important aspects of the city budget and ask questions about things that might cause concern or confusion.

And now a few photos from our board retreat!