Seeing Your Own Potential


I had the opportunity to listen to Mayor Ivy Taylor speak at UTSA's downtown campus this evening.  She covered a wide range of topics, such as transportation, housing, police, civic engagement and even her journey to becoming mayor.  One of my favorite things she said tonight was when people were urging her to run for Council. "Sometimes people can see the potential in you that you don't see in yourself."

So well said. I saw a lot of heads in the room nod.  I nodded and turned to my new love interest, he smiled, knowing exactly what I was thinking. I'm my own worst critic, which is really hard to believe considering I have the attitude and sass of Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell combined, with a hint of Diana Ross.  This was a theme that was brought up during my Latina Leadership Institute classes too.  Women, especially Latinas, ask ourselves if we are ready, want to wait until we are ready, take more classes until we are ready, but then we find that we are never really ready. That's the thing about life, if you're too scared to go for an opportunity, especially when you have the support of people who care about you and who know you are ready, then it will pass you by and you will become complacent.

Over the past year I considered what 21 year old LEM would do and realized I was putting too much pressure on myself instead of living in the moment.  One of my goals for 2016 is to really live in the moment.  My new love interest has helped me realize that putting the phone away and disappearing for a while is not such a bad thing.  He's also pushed me to achieve more.  It may be both of our extreme competitive natures, but we strive to do better and better every day, partially to impress each other I'm sure, but whatever the motivation is, it has made a world of difference.

I remember during Mayor Taylor's inaugural speech she spoke about hoping that disadvantaged kids and children of all races would look up to her and believe that they too can achieve anything. Little by little women in this country are breaking through barriers and racking up achievements.  I'm proud that I get to work for a City Manager like Sheryl Sculley and so many of her female executive leaders.  Just looking at our city, both our San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are chaired by women, Renee Flores of AT&T and Rebecca Quintanilla Cedillo of Strategic Initiatives.

While some self doubt is okay, since it keeps us grounded, you certainly can't let it stop you from taking risks and making great things happen.