A Perfect Weekend: Valetines in Downtown San Antonio


San Antonio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to me. It's a city where you can be part of the change, experience anything you want and discover something new every day. This weekend was no different from that feeling, but I enjoyed it with the boyfriend for a perfect Valentine's Day weekend.  We agreed that Valentine's Day wouldn't be a big deal. We're not about candy hearts and flowers.  One thing I like a lot about our relationship is our shared beliefs on money. I'd gladly spend money on experiences and would rather take a trip than get a bunch of flowers on my desk. So, Friday night was low key, I made a pretty spectacular dinner that I didn't take any pictures of, so maybe it didn't really happen. Herb crusted rack of lamb, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, grilled new potatoes and fondue to start with, made with sauvignon blanc, gruyere, fontina and gouda cheeses, rented movie, The Pelican Brief, and cuddles with Juliet. It was a perfect evening.

Saturday afternoon we went for a 3 mile run along the Riverwalk, starting downtown and heading out on the Mission Reach. It's changed a lot since I used to go running down there. A lot shadier and a great run, although I wish there were more water fountains along the route.


Then checked in to the Hilton Palacio Del Rio. I'd never actually been inside and it did not disappoint. Right in the heart of downtown, off the Riverwalk and a beautiful skyline view from the balcony.


Some delicious room service - surprisingly good pizza - and then it was off to the Ballet San Antonio's production of Peter Pan at the Tobin Center.



I had never been to the ballet before and was so impressed by the athleticism, costumes and gracefulness of the cast, even on wires for the special effect flying! It was a great show. Like I said, you can always discover something new in San Antonio.  The show was especially fun after meeting Captain Hook at the Tricentennial unveiling!


Finally, we ended the evening with the best cheese plate in town at our favorite bar, Bohanan's. It was so nice to walk everywhere and play downtowners for a weekend. The staycation is one of the most relaxing things you can do to treat yourself and San Antonio is full of options!