Hiking at the South Llano River State Park


You probably wouldn't recognize me. Imagine me waking up at 6am on a Sunday for a day trip to Junction, TX to go hiking at the South Llano River State Park.  Imagine me in my sneakers, shorts and a new crisp, white Eddie Bauer vest.  Yup. This girl went hiking! You can't take the diva completely out of me. I paired the outfit with a natural looking fresh face of makeup with eyeshadows from Kat Von D's neutral palette and some simple dangly gold earrings from Altar'd State.

The real beauty is in this beautiful state park just a short drive from San Antonio.  It was a cloudy, cool day, which made hiking along the river that much more enjoyable.  Of course, hiking isn't so bad when you have a companion like mine.

scenic overlook south llano state park

scenic overlook south llano state park2

south llano river state park


If you're not taking advantage of how close state parks are to San Antonio, you're really missing out.  A park day pass is just $5 a person, gives you a great workout and best of all puts you up close and personal with the beautiful sights, sounds and scents of Texas.

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White Vest - Eddie Bauer Black Drapey Blouse - Target Sneakers - Asics Gel Noosa (Similar) Earrings - Altar'd State (Similar)