Proud Owner of a 2016 Mini Cooper S


I decided on New Year's Eve that 2016 would be my year.  I'm sure a lot of people think the same thing on New Year's Eve, but for me a good year was really important.  Though there have been some downs, overall the year has been great. In keeping with all the significant life changes, I sold my home and moved into a fabulous new apartment a couple of weeks ago.  And I figured it was finally time to upgrade my little Honda Civic.  I thought about getting a small crossover SUV or mid-sized sedan but I couldn't stop lusting after a Mini Cooper.

I went to Mini of San Antonio and worked with a great sales associate to find the Mini of my dreams.  And believe me he worked a lot with me.  I knew if I was going to make this big of an investment that I wanted the top of the line Mini with lots of fun features. So we searched and searched and finally found the perfect one and had it shipped down from Tennessee! Isn't she a beauty?

Red Mini Cooper S

I opted for a 4 door for a little more space. I'm so impressed with the handling, speed and space! It's much bigger feeling inside than you'd think.