Hiking at Crownridge Canyon Natural Area


San Antonio is my favorite place.  It's home to a bustling downtown, home to my sweet little apartment, home to a growing city and nestled right between the Hill Country and South Texas.  Every day I discover something new about San Antonio. Lately, TJ and I have been going on morning hikes, usually on Sundays.  It's still kind of hard to imagine that I get out of bed, don't put makeup on (okay maybe I put some blush on), lace up my sneakers and head out for a fun adventure in nature.  This last Sunday, we enjoyed a cloudy, cool morning hike at Crownridge Canyon Natural Area.  This whole time, this majestic trail was right behind my university and I had no idea! Dating a local has its perks.


The trail itself wasn't too challenging, but it was just challenging enough.  I've been surprised at how good I feel after a hike and the sinus attack I'm feeling today was certainly worth disconnecting and getting out into nature.