It's Time to Speak Up, San Antonio!


People ask me every day what they can do to get involved with the City of San Antonio.  They tell me they want to be part of something, they want their voices to count and they want to make a difference.  What they may not realize is that it's very easy to give feedback in a really impactful way. 13092185_1423987497626814_8740198817864830479_n

The City of San Antonio’s budget is a reflection of the community’s priorities.  Each year the City is required by law to pass a balanced budget.  Your feedback is critical to balancing the budget and determining where funds should be allocated.

Last year residents overwhelmingly told the City of San Antonio they wanted more money for infrastructure, streets and sidewalks and the City increased the budget for infrastructure projects by $45 million.

Now, we need feedback on what residents would like to see in the FY 2017 budget.  It's easy.  It just takes a minute.  Seriously.  Visit and take the three question survey and speak up about what's important to you!