Hiking: Good for the body and soul


The hotter it gets, the harder it is to want to power through a run or any outdoor workout for that matter.  Lately, TJ and I have been going on hikes to two of our favorite parks in the area, Crownridge Canyon Natural Area and Friedrich Natural Area.  What I like about these parks is that they are for the most part, all natural.  There are some paved areas, but they are really good hikes and all within the city limits. Hiking gives you a chance to take the phone off the hook, well except for our GPS/calorie trackers, and get a good workout in.  I am always surprised to see how much ground we've covered in just a short amount of time.  And I don't feel as exhausted after running.

Here are a few shots from recent hikes:



The May downpours left the springs flowing! That beautiful aquifer water. :)