2016 Gridiron Show in the Books!


I have a habit of performing the San Antonio Gridiron show during incredibly trying times in my personal life, which I believe is God's way of reminding me why I love to perform.  I get a new sense of appreciation for the stage every time I take a step back onto it.  The lights. The makeup. The looks on the faces in the audience.  The smiles.  The applause. The laughter.  It feeds me. I guess I understand why Tinkerbell got her strength from applause. All the personal stuff aside, the San Antonio Gridiron show raises money for journalism scholarships and that's a cause I can get behind! Here are a few photos from this year's show.  My characters included a school girl in a Chik-Fil-A sketch about transgender bathrooms, who also later fawns over Chief McManus, a disgusted voter in a Purple Rain themed sketch, a migrant worker picking fruit and of course...Melania Trump!


If only I had the time and money to have MAC Cosmetics do my makeup everyday. I did my own hair this year!


Backstage with the one and only Michael Quintanilla!


Backstage with Spurs Jesus! (L - R) Astrid, Maddy, Alese, Spurs Jesus, Ashlei, Liz, me, Louisa and in the back Lisa Marie, Sue and Laura J!


Some of the cast & crew! #GridironFam Look at all these faces! Faces from Texas Public Radio, the San Antonio Express News, KABB, WOAI, Telemundo, MySA.com, Spectrum News, KGBTexas, the City of San Antonio, VIA, Bexar County, Pace Communications, the DeBerry Group and more!


We made it on KABB! Thank you Ashlei King! My fellow school girls Nikiza, Liz and Alese!


From my Melania Trump Monologue


From our Welcome Back, Chief McManus sketch. Gretchen, Louisa, Melissa, Mark, Nikiza and Lisa Marie!


Melania and Donald Trump on a couples retreat. Donald Trump played by the amazing Scott Huddleston!


Featuring Ted and Heidi Cruz, played by Alese Underwood and Gary Cooper.


And the finale! I already can't wait for next year's show.