My Fiscal Year of Yes


Audiobooks are my recent obsession.  I spend a lot of time driving around to various destinations and love listening to music while I drive, but lately I've filled that space with audiobooks and podcasts. Most recently, I enjoyed Shonda Rhimes' book, narrated by the gladiator in chief herself, Year of Yes. Many of the themes in the book sounded a lot like my life and how complacent I've grown with simply going through the motions of life. In reality, I'm the type of person who needs a goal and a plan to stick to.  This isn't to say I'm not spontaneous or adventurous.  I love a good plan and even more than that I love making a plan.  It's why I work in public relations.  I always feel better about work and life when I'm working towards a big goal in life or looking forward to an event or a trip.  And so, inspired by Shonda, I decided to embark on my own year of yes.  It's October, I know.  But, it's a new fiscal year for the City, so why not make it my Fiscal Year of Yes.  This year, I'm going to say yes to the things that scare me.  Say yes to the things I hesitate because I'm too tired.  Say yes to the things I've been putting off because I'm either too old or too young or too inexperienced or too experienced.

I already feel better about things.  Last night I joined some friends for a mixer in Southtown, something I normally would've said I might be too tired for, but it felt good reconnecting with former coworkers and getting out there!

A little crisis at work and several recap reports later and I was feeling back in the groove.  Saying yes gives you confidence.  I said yes and bought a white blouse and white skirt.  If you know me you know I never wore white out of fear of spilling something or that I might look like a whale.  But in fact, white made me feel powerful.  Now I know why Olivia Pope wears it.  It's cleansing.

Shonda, here's to our year of yes.