And Baby Mayes Is...

I've never really been one for gender reveal parties.  Something about the whole production made me feel weird as a pregnant woman.  So much study of my shape, cravings and feelings.  It's hard enough being a pregnant woman in heels, let alone the comments about morning sickness, whether or not my skin is "glowing" and how "wide" I am.  Besides that, like any good PR girl, I like to plan ahead and know what I'm planning for.  But still, our families wanted to be surprised and we felt like a month into our new apartment would be a great time to host a party to show off the new digs and announce what Baby Mayes is! 

I am glad TJ and I found out together, in private.  The moment was so special and I get emotional and didn't want to cry in front of people, especially co-workers! So at our appointment, when we found out, we held hands, I cried and we celebrated privately the new addition to our little family.

Then it was off to plan the party! Most gender reveals are all about the pink and blue, bows or bowties, guns or glitter (which by the way I love guns AND glitter), so we decided to do something a little more true to ourselves and playing off of our announcement, which featured a future president onesie.  Election theme it was!

We asked our guests to wear red for girl or blue for boy.

Most of the decorations came from Oriental Tradings.  I took a leftover moving box and filled it with streamers and balloons.  I liked the idea of using our staircase as a focal point for the reveal too. 

My proud husband. :) 

My proud husband. :) 

Ok you must be dying to know now what Baby Mayes is...

It's a girl!!  Marisa Patricia Mayes, we can't wait to meet you.  She will carry with her some pretty amazing names.  Marisa, named after my mom.  And her middle name, Patricia, for TJ's grandmother.  What I loved most about the name is that it works in a Spanish accent too, something I've always loved about my own name.

We are overjoyed!

Laura Elizabeth Mayes