SAMA's Heaven and Hell Exhibit

TJ and I have really enjoyed our new downtown digs for a plethora of reasons, but especially because of our proximity to some of San Antonio's finest cultural attractions.

We had the pleasure of attending the San Antonio Museum of Art's opening reception of their newest exhibit Heaven and Hell: Salvation and Retribution in Pure Land Buddhism, which is open through September 10, 2017.  His grandmother's art collection certainly had an Asian influence and it's easy to see why.

The exhibit explores the features 70 works from paintings to sculptures and was curated by Dr. Emily Sano.  Here's some more from SAMA:

Originally developed in West Asia during the early years of the Common Era, Pure Land Buddhism spread across Central Asia to China and into Tibet, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, pulling in and incorporating the gods and figures of local faiths in each new culture. One figure, Amitābha, the Buddha of the Western Paradise, remained at the center of the Pure Land faith, promising salvation in his heavenly paradise to anyone who simply calls his name. This promise of salvation and an escape from the pain of hell—even to those who led less than exemplary lives—helped Pure Land Buddhism flourish and expand throughout Asia. In contrast, the more traditional Theravada Buddhism held that nirvana could only be obtained through devout study and meditation. 

The exhibit is a great look into a new culture and every resident and visitor should check it out to learn more about the artistic and spiritual offerings of a culture outside their own. 

Laura Elizabeth Mayes